Nutify Gourmet Almond

Consist of three mouthwatering variants, they are Chili & Lime, Honey & Sesame, and Garlic & Seasalt. These threesome only use high grade quality of almonds, together with best ingredients to mix with, home style recipe. Just pure natural, no artificial things inside our bag of almonds. Only roasted to enhance almond natural flavor. We guaratee to satisfy your tastebuds! 

Nutify Gourmet Almond Chili & Lime

Vibrant, flavorful, a bit spicy and a bit tangy. The abundantly chili accented with the delicate sour profile of lime wil get you hooked on the first bite. This vibrant and lively flavor combination effortlessly embraces the rich taste of our finely selected almonds, creating a flavorful treat that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Nutify Gourmet Almond Garlic & Seasalt

Fragrant, clean taste of garlic with a pinch of seasalt. Harvested from the soil and ocean, garlic and seasalt produce harmonious blend.

Started with the clean, fragrant bite of garlic, sprinkle them with just right amount of seasalt. This timeless pair never goes wrong. This classic and authentic taste, combined with the crunchiness and well-rounded flavor of our high quality almonds, is simply the real deal of natural goodness.

Nutify Gourmet Almond Honey & Sesame

Not too sweet with subtle toasted flavor of sesame. We take the finest almond, crunchy and filled with natural goodness, delicately coat  them with the right amount of honey, and then slowly roasted them into perfection. What makes them even harder to resist is the subtle toasted sesame flavor that complement the light sweet taste of honey really well.