Nutify Trail Mix Nuts

It consists of four delicious-different-variants, they are 365 Days Mix, 24/7 Mix, 7 Wonders Mix, and Hi5 Mix. Using combinations of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, still without adding any artificial food additives and preservatives. Only roasted to enhance original natural flavor. Sweet, savory, crunchy, tangy, healthy of course!

Nutify 365 Days Mix

Heart is the center of our cardiovascular system. It is vitally responsible for everything that supports our body life. Nutify 365 Days Mix contains nuts and fruits rich in antioxidant which are good for heart's health. It is perfect for you with healthy and active lifestyle.

This mix is "just-right" combination of Almond-Cashew-Pistachio-Cranberry-Yellow Raisin.

Nutify 24/7 Mix

Brain is important because it controls actions and reactions, allow us to think and feel, and enable us to have feelings and memories. Nutify For 24/7 Mix is contained with chosen nuts and fruits to improve brain function. It will be a perfect companion for your productive days.

This mix is "perfect-balance" combination of Almond-Cashew-Walnut-Black Raisin-Yellow Raisin.

Nutify 7 Wonders Mix

Seven perfect superfoods in one package. All the ingredients has their own health benefits. They rich of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. Nutify 7 Wonders Mix is contained with chosen nuts, fruits, and seeds to improve your health function. Combination of nutty nuts, crunchy seeds, and sweet-sour dried fruits will get you enchanted on the first munch. 

This mix is "rich-flavorful" combination of Macadamia-Cashew-Cranberry-Goji Berry - Blueberry -Pumpkin Seeds-Sunflower Seeds

Specially created for nuts lovers. Five different premium nuts with all of their goodness and benefits. Good source of fiber and energy. Luxurious snack for your any activities and get you extra energy to combat the daily routines.


This mix is "power house" combination of Macadamia-Almond-Walnut-Cashew-Pecan.

Nutify Hi5 Mix