"Superheroes Wars" 28-31 July 2016

August 2, 2016

Hi good people! We just finished our weekend bazaar that took place at Emporium Pluit Mall, by Bazaar Addict, with "Superheroes Wars" themed.

This is our first time to join a bazaar in Pluit and surrounding area.

We have no idea how's the people gonna be, whether they like or dislike our products.

One thing is our mind, we want to introduce our products, alongside with healthy lifestyle, by eating nuts to people in Pluit area.

We want to raise the awareness about the importance of eating healthily, eating what is beneficial to our body. We know that eating nuts is one of them. 

And during those 4 full days, people were amazing, the crowd was superb! Nutify received warm welcome from people. 

By letting people tried Nutify, small chit-chat about the benefit of eating nuts, we believe not only word that touch people heart, but also the crunchiness, and our delicious taste.

Hope to see you again people!






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